Thursday, January 12, 2012

sparkle punched out.

wow. the quilt-along continues. i am not elizabeth hartman. i am wonky-stars challenged. 1 hour of sewing produced two sets of stars. at this rate i might have to quit my job to keep this on time. i will be talking to my husband to see how he feels about that.  i picked  kona champagne for my solid. i thought it was a fitting name for a quilt called sparkle punch. after rippng out 8 seams, and almost ruining the one set of pink polka dots i have, i read the part of the instructions when elizabeth says, "...If you've never done piecing like this before, it may help to practice on some scraps before moving on to your "good" fabric". oh how i wish that i would have read that 30 minutes earlier.   i think i have the hang of the squares now so i hope to be a little more productive the next time i sit down. sorry about the busy background behind my two stars... champagne matches my floor too closely and the next closest surface was my pressing table. (also just noticed that picture 1 has a really odd color tint. things are not going my way tonight.)

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