Tuesday, January 10, 2012

i'm gonna make me a dress.

ok. there's a commercial and i cannot even tell you what the product is but i can tell you that there is a girl at a coffee shop counter who is wearing a navy blue dress with BIKES ON IT! i. want. this. dress. thank goodness for google. (seriously, what did we do before google?) i found the dress! but alas, it is an old anthropolgie dress that is no longer for sale. thank goodness for etsy. (seriously, what did we do before etsy?) but alas, i don't have $125 for a dress.

so i've decided that even though i have not sewn clothes since 7th grade (when i sewed and modeled a pair of pink capri pants & matching shirt for the fair, wonder if there is picture of that somewhere?) I AM GOING TO SEW MY OWN BIKE DRESS! i ordered my favorite fabric in the whole-wide-world & cannot wait. what fabric you ask? her cruiser by jay-cyn designs for birch fabric. (thank you fabricworm for the photo)

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