Saturday, January 07, 2012

happy new year!

yeah, i'm back. i hope. spent most of the morning cutting fabric to finish oh fransson's paintbox quilt-along which, yes, i started in APRIL OF 2010. also, fabric has been found (found, not bought!) to particpate in oh fransson's current quilt-along, sparkle punch. i settled on polka dots. not sure if they are going to actually match or not but since i have cut approximately 490 3 1/2-inch squares of polka dots, polka dots it is!  i'm attempting to actually quilt along in a timely manner this time. i love good intentions. mickey helped me for awhile.

here are the blocks that i have finished sewing for the paintbox quilt along. almost done with the blues. then onto purple, yellow, red, orange and pink! 42 blocks down, 38 to go!

and then i cut squares. and more squares. and still more squares. here is part of the stack waiting to become a sparkle punch quilt!

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mennikelly said...

And which one do you think you will finish first?