Sunday, November 29, 2015

d is for double exposure

d is for double exposure. when i was a photography student at asu, one of my favorite things to do was shoot double exposures. sometimes i would shoot an entire roll of film, rewind it and shoot it again. other times i would re-shoot each frame. it was fun to shoot this way with my digital camera. i can set my camera to shoot multiple exposures in each "frame" - up to 5. i just shot 2 per frame and didn't look at any of my images until i "developed" them lightroom. other than adjusting the tone a little bit, i left them unedited as well.

 we were a house divided today...

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

C is for contre-jour

i had the term "contre-jour" picked out for c before the events in paris last weekend. fitting i think that this week i tried to use a french term this week. with a million inches of rain falling, contre-jour was not all that easy to achieve. not really happy with any results.

c is also for contrast and cats and color.

and for NĂ¢ Waiho`olu`u

Sunday, November 08, 2015

b is for bokeh, black & white, beast mode and bikes.

here are the rest of my shots for my weekly letter challenge. this week was b. i had bokeh in my mind all week and of course my first true love, black and white. wish i would have time to shoot film, get it developed and printed.

first, bokeh (and beast mode)...

but then there was buddy, my cat's faithful friend for 8 years...

and then black & white branches & bikes with a little bokeh just because...

and finally, some hawaiian bokeh because there is no b in hawaiian.