Monday, March 18, 2013

still a bad blogger

i tried. ok so not very hard. i thought about it though. not much going on the sewing world, been running a lot though. this weekend mr. mcgowan and i ran the JBLM St. Patrick's Day 10K. here's a very tired, sweaty me.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

bad blogger

wow. i am a bad blogger. BAD BLOGGER in capital letters. it has been 1 year since my last post. apparently, i'm also a bad quilt-alonger. BAD QUILT-ALONGER. too busy being a mom, wife and employee to get any quilting done in a timely manner. and people keep having babies. babies need quilts. so with that, maybe, just maybe i could start writing again. would help if i thought that anyone read this ever. or cared. so a post without a pic is boring. BORING. so here's a pic of mickey the cat helping with the bad quilt alonging.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

sparkle punched out.

wow. the quilt-along continues. i am not elizabeth hartman. i am wonky-stars challenged. 1 hour of sewing produced two sets of stars. at this rate i might have to quit my job to keep this on time. i will be talking to my husband to see how he feels about that.  i picked  kona champagne for my solid. i thought it was a fitting name for a quilt called sparkle punch. after rippng out 8 seams, and almost ruining the one set of pink polka dots i have, i read the part of the instructions when elizabeth says, "...If you've never done piecing like this before, it may help to practice on some scraps before moving on to your "good" fabric". oh how i wish that i would have read that 30 minutes earlier.   i think i have the hang of the squares now so i hope to be a little more productive the next time i sit down. sorry about the busy background behind my two stars... champagne matches my floor too closely and the next closest surface was my pressing table. (also just noticed that picture 1 has a really odd color tint. things are not going my way tonight.)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

i'm gonna make me a dress.

ok. there's a commercial and i cannot even tell you what the product is but i can tell you that there is a girl at a coffee shop counter who is wearing a navy blue dress with BIKES ON IT! i. want. this. dress. thank goodness for google. (seriously, what did we do before google?) i found the dress! but alas, it is an old anthropolgie dress that is no longer for sale. thank goodness for etsy. (seriously, what did we do before etsy?) but alas, i don't have $125 for a dress.

so i've decided that even though i have not sewn clothes since 7th grade (when i sewed and modeled a pair of pink capri pants & matching shirt for the fair, wonder if there is picture of that somewhere?) I AM GOING TO SEW MY OWN BIKE DRESS! i ordered my favorite fabric in the whole-wide-world & cannot wait. what fabric you ask? her cruiser by jay-cyn designs for birch fabric. (thank you fabricworm for the photo)

Monday, January 09, 2012

rachel & josh.

i had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of rachel & josh on december 30. the wedding was beautiful and the couple was radiant. visit my website to see more photos.

Saturday, January 07, 2012

happy new year!

yeah, i'm back. i hope. spent most of the morning cutting fabric to finish oh fransson's paintbox quilt-along which, yes, i started in APRIL OF 2010. also, fabric has been found (found, not bought!) to particpate in oh fransson's current quilt-along, sparkle punch. i settled on polka dots. not sure if they are going to actually match or not but since i have cut approximately 490 3 1/2-inch squares of polka dots, polka dots it is!  i'm attempting to actually quilt along in a timely manner this time. i love good intentions. mickey helped me for awhile.

here are the blocks that i have finished sewing for the paintbox quilt along. almost done with the blues. then onto purple, yellow, red, orange and pink! 42 blocks down, 38 to go!

and then i cut squares. and more squares. and still more squares. here is part of the stack waiting to become a sparkle punch quilt!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

late to the party...

i decided to participate in oh fransson's paintbox quilt-along. it started in january. i started yesterday. technically i started closer to january because i ordered my robert kaufman kona solids jelly roll in january. i lovingly photographed it when it arrived.

and then i shopped. and shopped for prints to go with the solids. then all of the fabric sat on top of my sewing machine for, well, a couple of months. yesterday i sorted and started! cutting.

i've decided to not use the brown solid or two of the three white solids that came in the jelly roll and instead i'm going to use a black solid and two additional gray solids. i also have one more blue solid to find a print to match, more shopping for me!

today i started sewing! i started with the gray solid because it is my favorite! i love gray! and then sewed the white because it is b-o-r-i-n-g. i continued with the greens because they are my least favorite and thought i'd work from not so exciting for me towards the colors i like better. except that is just today. sometimes greens are my favorites. i guess my real strategy is that i piled them up and i'm just working through the pile. i only sewed for a bit and then i cut some more.

8 blocks down... 72 to go!

i wanted to photograph the stack... it looks pathetically small but i am not discouraged!