Tuesday, December 29, 2009

ok. watched two movies yesterday that i feel like writing a bit about. first i watched "julie & julia". this movie was fab-u-lous. seriously, i usually don't like movies that i watch after reading books as much as i liked the books but this movie was perfect. i so totally enjoyed julie powell's book and the way that story was intertwined with julia child's story was just plain wonderful. i like very much that fact that julia was portrayed as julie's image of julia, not a caricature of julia. and meryl streep, my goodness that woman is good! amy adams was excellent as julie powell.

then came "(500) days of summer". so good. so good. i think that maybe i loved this movie so much because it was visually stunning and the soundtrack is excellent.

besides the fact that i had time to watch two movies in one day (excellent itself!) what an excellent movie watching day i had!

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