Monday, June 11, 2007

our new ride! 2007 Jeep Patriot... more pics to come!


MG said...

Whoa... Talk about the G-Ride! Congratulations!

Traci & Nathan -- looking forward to seeing you both soon. Vin, I wish you were comin' with 'em.

Love you all,

LauraG said...

Hi Traci,

Sweet car!! I bet it's nice to have a lot more room (plus 4 doors!) compared to the civic. . .

We are excited to see you and Nathan soon! I will be done with my class on June 29, so I will have lots of time to hang out!

July 3: annual fireworks at my parents' house. Hope you can come! You are welcome to bring any of your family along too!

There's also a cool plank building exhibit at the Children's museum that I bet Nathan would like.

See you soon!!